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Probes vs Zealot 2 is a remake of the Probes vs Zealot map created by Darklord.

It is currently being maintained by KorvinGump.

Krovin Gump has left the community long ago and the wiki has fallen out of date. For the sake for simplicity and not wanting to re-write everything here is a link to my PvZ2 spreadsheet which includes the values for pretty much everything in the game; Click Me

If you're looking for a guide/build order, try out Rohime's (First link, the replays no longer work)

Or if Rohime's isn't for you, BBQSauce's guide

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History of Probes vs Zealot 2Edit

Learn about history of creation of Probes vs Zealot 2.

Probe InformationEdit

This page contains all the information about Probes, their abilities, items, buildings.

Zealot InformationEdit

The zealot is the main antagonist of the game. He is a unit that hunts down the probes and tries to kill them. The zealot wins the game when all the probes are dead.

When the game starts, the players get to choose who they want to be. since there can only be one zealot, he is chosen randomly from all the players who wanted to be him. unlike the probes, the zealot only spawns after 40 seconds, thus allowing the probes to run away and start building their bases.

While the probes get minerals and vespene through expanding their economy, the zealot gains minerals through dealing damage. he gains exactly the same amount of minerals as the damage he deals. This makes it very efficient to buy damage items early game to make your zealot stronger. While some items for the zealot cost minerals, better ones cost vespene. while there is no way for the zealot to get vespene physically, he can sell a large amount of minerals(64000) to get 1 vespene.

the zealot spawns at his base in the middle of the map. while he is near his base, he regenerates health rapidly and can buy items.

there are 7 categories of items for the zealot to buy.

Damage items: these items directly increase the damage that the zealot does.

These are their prices and damage ratings:

Cost Name Damage Bonus
100M Copper blade 2
200M Iron blade 4
400M Steel blade 8
800M Silver blade 16
1600M Golden blade 32
3200M Platinum blade 64
6400M Mithril blade 128
12800M Diamond blade 256
1V Energizer blade 1280
2V Pulverizer blade 2560
8V Atomizer blade 10240
32V Ultimate blade 40960
160V Plutonium blade 61440
512V Radiant blade 81920

Attack speed items: these increase the speed at which the zealot attacks.

These are their prices and attack speed ratings:

Cost Name Attack speed bonus
100M Cloth gloves 20%
200M Leather gloves 40%
400M Reinforced Hide gloves 80%
800M Scale gloves 100%
1600M Bone gloves 150%
3200M Electronic gloves 200%
6400M Mega gloves 300%
12800M Super gloves 400%

Armor items: these items reduce the amount of damage that the zealot takes from each attack.

These are their prices and Armor ratings:

Cost Name Damage Reduction
100M Wooden armor 9%
200M Reinforced Wooden armor 18%
400M Iron armor 27%
800M Steel armor 36%
1600M Silver armor 45%
3200M Gold armor 54%
6400M Platinum armor 63%
12800M Titanium armor 72%
1V Chromite armor 92%
2V Pyrite armor 96%
8V Tungsten armor 98%
32V Nanocrystalline Diamond armor 99%
160V Uranium armor 99.5%
512V Rubidium armor 99.75%

Health items: These items increase the health of the zealot. Note that the zealot can have a maximum of 471500 health.

These are their prices and health ratings:

Cost Name Health rating
100M Zircon Amulet 250
200M Amethyst Amulet 500
400M Topaz Amulet 1000
800M Spinel Amulet 2000
1600M Sapphire Amulet 4000
3200M Emerald Amulet 8000
6400M Ruby Amulet 16000
12800M Corundum Amulet 32000
1V Titanium Amulet 160000
2V Obsidian Amulet 320000
8V Diamond Amulet 471000

Health regeneration items: These items regenerate the health of the zealot.

These are their prices and health regeneration ratings:

Cost Name Health regeneration
100M Minor regeneration potion 6/s
200M Lesser regeneration potion 12/s
400M Common regeneration potion 24/s
800M Greater regeneration potion 48/s
1600M Superior regeneration potion 96/s
3200M Major regeneration potion 192/s
6400M Ultra regeneration potion 384/s
12800M Extreme regeneration potion 768/s
1V Mega regeneration potion 3840/s
2V Eternal regeneration potion 7680/s
8V Ultimate regeneration potion 20480/s

Boots: These items have a few statistics that help the zealot. Mainly, the increase his movement speed, his sight range and grants him a temporary immunity to spells right after he is hit by one. better quality shoes also give the zealot the ability to scan an area of the map similar to his in game scan, basically giving him 2 scans.

these are the boots and their stats.

Cost Name Speed bonus Immune time Vision range bonus Scan

Basic boots of speed

level 1

1.0 x x x

Basic boots of speed

level 4

1.3 1.5s x x

Advanced boots of speed

level 1

1.4 2.0s x x

Advanced boots of speed

level 2

1.5 2.5s x x

Advanced boots of speed

level 3

1.6 3.0s x x

Magic boots of speed

level 1

1.7 3.5s 3.5 12 seconds, 13 radius, 30 s cooldown

Magic boots of speed

level 2

1.8 4.0s 7.0 12 seconds, 14 radius, 30 s cooldown

Magic boots of speed

level 3

1.9 4.5s 7.0 12 seconds, 15 radius, 30 s cooldown

Magic boots of speed

level 4

2.0 5.0s 7.0 12 seconds, 16 radius, 30 s cooldown

Legendary boots of speed

level 1

2.1 5.5s 7.0 12 seconds, 19 radius, 25 s cooldown

Legendary boots of speed

level 2

2.2 6.0s 7.0 12 seconds, 22 radius, 20 s cooldown

Legendary boots of speed

level 3

2.3 6.5s 7.0 12 seconds, 25 radius, 15 s cooldown

Miscellaneous items: This group only has 2 items that help the zealot in different ways.

These are the items and their effects:

Cost Name Effect
200M Cloack of immunity

3 second immunity to spells when hit by a spell

200M Ring of sight +7.0 vision range

Guide: How to play a probeEdit

Basic guide, which explains how to play Probe.

Guide: How to play ZealotEdit

Basic guide, which explains how to play Zealot.

Guide: How to play Probe SpiritEdit

The probe spirit is one of the choices, that the probe gets when he dies. The other one being, to become the hunter. The probe spirit is a support unit that helps other probes. It has three abilities that help him do it as well as two passive abilities.

The Active abilities:

Disorient: this ability is used against the zealot. it reduces his attack speed by 50% for a few seconds. this ability is primarily used when the zealot is attacking a friendly probe's wall. this ability limits the damage of the zealot and allows the wall to be healed a bit more while the zealot is disoriented.

Cloak: this is a defensive ability that cloaks the probe spirit for a few seconds while giving him extra movement speed. this ability is mainly used for escape purposes. it is a good idea to use it when you respawn since while you are cloaked, you can reach a friendly base easier and without interference from the zealot or hunters.

Chronoboost: this is an ability similar to the probe's chronoboost. it boosts the production of a friendly building by 50% for 4 seconds. this ability can be used to further empower the economy of a chosen probe. This ability can be used on a nexus, generator, and even towers.

Passive Abilities:

Aura of damage: This aura empowers all turrets in a range of three of the spirit. These turrets gain 10% increased damage. a good aura to use when the zealot is attacking a friendly probe's wall since the turrets will do more damage and by doing so, make the zealot retreat faster.

Aura of gathering: this aura empowers all gatherer's in a range of three of the spirit. these gatherers gather 10% faster. A good aura when you want to boost the economy of a friendly probe.

Guide: How to play HunterEdit

The hunter is one of the choices that the probe gets when he is killed by the zealot, the other being to become the probe spirit. The hunter is a support unit for the zealot. Note that there can only be two hunters in game. The hunter is similar to the zealot in a way that he can also gain minerals by doing damage, he can also buy items to empower himself and he can also be killed. Unlike the zealot that starts with 500 hit points, the hunter starts with only 350. The hunter unlike the zealot, when killed ressurects after a set period of time. This makes them ideal for scouting since even if they get killed by a turret, they can give the zealot information about the location of a probe's base. The hunter can also be handed down minerals and vespene by the zealot, allowing the hunter himself to attack bases  and destroy probes. Hunters are especially efficient in larger maps where scouting is most important. The hunter also has the ability to teleport to the zealot's base once in a while.

==Probe skins/rewards== This page contains information regarding the hunter. == [Peaux de sonde [/ récompenses]] == Cette page contient des informations sur le chasseur. m

Zealot skins/rewardsEdit

This page contains information regarding the hunter.


This page contains information regarding the votekick function.

InGame CommandsEdit

This page contains information regarding the ingame commands.

Gumpstats InformationEdit

This page contains information regarding the stats system the creator of the game has designed.

Ranking and Point systemEdit

This page contains information regarding the Ranking and points system.


This page contains information regarding newer players to the game, and players who wish to ruin the gameplay experience for others.

Best players of Probes vs Zealot 2Edit

A list of the top 10 players currently ingame (limited to those who have uploaded their information to

Mineral PalletsEdit

This page contains information regarding mineral pallets.

Gas BonusEdit

This page contains information regarding gas bonus..

Official Website/ForumEdit

This page contains information regarding the official website and forums of Probes Vs Zealot.

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